About us

Created in 1992, EuroMC is the undisputed specialist in electromagnetic protection (electro-dynamic systems and shields).

Particularly, EuroMC masters techniques such as:

  • Faraday cages in modular panels
  • Copper shielding
  • Metallic shielding fabric
  • All RF accessories (doors, filters, waveguides, honeycomb, optical links)
  • Very low frequency magnetic shielding
  • Composite Shield (special concrete, filled resins)

EuroMC is also a manufacturer of microwave absorbant and has simulation means for calculating the attenuation shield, calculating the protection of magnetic screens and calculating the anechoic chambers performance.

  • Technical assistance
  • Engineering
  • On-site measurements
  • Training

Our Team

The head office is located in Stains, in the north of Paris, where the management, commercial and administrative functions are grouped together.

Our Instrumentation division is located in Perpignan and directed by Jean-Marc LELAURAIN.

Our production of absorbants is located in the North, at Brebières (62) and is under the responsibility of Alain DUBOIS.

Our Strength

The flexibility of an SME to the technology of campanies we represent, such as FRANKONIA, we adapt to the needs of our customers.

Our philosophy has always been to federate technical expertise in the EMC field.