Your EMC Partner

EuroMC is a French company that has been operating since 1992 and is the undisputed specialist in electromagnetic protection (electro-dynamic systems and shields).

Particularly, EuroMC masters techniques such as:

  • Faraday cages in modular panels
  • Copper shielding
  • Metallic shielding fabric
  • All RF accessories (doors, filters, waveguides, honeycomb, optical links)
  • Very low frequency magnetic shielding
  • Composite Shield (special concrete, filled resins)

EuroMC is also a manufacturer of microwave absorbant and has simulation means for:

  • calculating the attenuation shields,
  • calculating the protection of magnetic screens
  • calculating the anechoic chambers performance


Our customers benefit from our expertise, know-how and bespoke services.

Listening and Expertise

Our philosophy has always been to federate technical expertise in the CEM field.
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chambre anechoique


EuroMC distributes exclusively and adapts to all the needs of Faraday cages and anechoic chambers of the brand FRANKONIA


Thanks to its mother company, LERAU, EuroMC offers Faraday cages and medical magnetic MRI shielding.

protection electromagnetique


EuroMC masters the electromagnetic protection technologies used in the field of Defense (TEMPEST protection, EIMN, …)

Medical Shielding

EuroMC realises all types of low frequency magnetic shielding

cdn instrumentation


EuroMC provides all major brands of EMC instrumentation


EuroMC is a microwave absorber manufacturer for all sectors


Nos partenaires

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