The SAC 3/5 Plus is a fully compliant semi-anechoic chamber for 3 or 5m measurements. Its domed ceiling, optimized arrangement of absorbers – combining ferrites and hybrid absorbers – can cover a frequency band from 26MHz to 18GHz and minimize reflections. Because of the small size of the hybrid absorbers, the dimensions of this chamber are smaller than those of the chambers made with long pyramids.

The SAC 3/5 Plus guarantees incomparable performance, in accordance with the site validation standard, whether in NSA (+ 3dB) from 30MHz to 1GHz or in SVSWR (4dB) from 1 to 18GHz.

The standard version includes an antenna mast for a scanning height of 1 to 4m, a turntable and a controller.

TypeSAC 3 PlusSAC 5 Plus
External dimensions 9,68 x 6,53 x 6,0 m (l x L x h)12,68 x 7,73 x 6,0 m (l x L x h)
Frequency rangeFrom 26MHz to 18 GHz
Measurements distance3.0 m5.0 m
Coating with absorbents
Partitions and ceilingsComplete coating with ferrite F006 and partial with hybrid absorbers H600 and H1000
Floor9m2 pyramidal absorbent P600 (can be moved) for immunity tests
20m2 pyramidal absorbent P300 (can be moved) for emission tests
Emission measurementsComplies with EN 55022 and CISPR 22 Class B standards (30MHz - 1 GHz)
Conforme à norme CISPR 16.2.3 (1 à 18 GHz )
Immunity testConforme à norme CISPR 16.2.3 (1 à 18 GHz )
Max deviation in NSA according to CISPR 16-1-4+4dB, option +3.5dB ou +3dB+4dB, option +3.5dB
Max deviation in SVSWR according to CISPR 16-1-4 6dB, option 5dB ou 4dB
Size of the test volumeDiameter 2.0m / Height 2.0m
Dimension of uniformity of field 1.5m x 1.5m
Maximum deviation 0dB / + 6dB on 75% of the 16 points measured

Standard Equipment

  • 1 x access door, 1,088 x 1,968m for SAC 3 Plus
  • 1 x access door, 1,538 x 2,118m for SAC 5 Plus
  • 4- 6 honeycombs for ventilation
  • 1 power supply filter 250VAC, 2x32A
  • 1 power supply filter 440V, 50-60Hz, 4x32A (SAC 5 Plus)
  • 2 penetration panels
  • Cable crossings: 6x N, 6x BNC and 2x for optical fiber
  • Electrical equipment including lighting
  • Ground Plane
  • Raised floor
  • Absorbent coating
  • Turn table
  • Antenna mast
  • Controller for antenna mast and turntable


  • Three-phases power filter
  • Signal filter and / or data line Fan
  • Antenna support
  • Video and/or audio system
  • Performance control
  • Instrumentation measurement
  • Non-combustible Hybrid Absorber


  • The innovatively shaped roof, called dome design, with its optimized absorber layout leads to minimized reflections and offers outstanding RF performance
  • Gain in terms of shielding area and absorbents
  • 3 versions are available based on performance levels in NSA and SVSWR