CHC is the best solution for immunity tests according to the standard IEC / EN 61000-4-3 for a measurement over 3m, it offers the best performance for emission tests in pre-compliance. The installation of ferrites and hybrid absorbers on a part allows measurements on a frequency band of 30MHz to 18GHz. This chamber is also available with a ground plane (semi-anechoic) or with absorbents over the entire floor surface (completely anechoic). For immunity tests, the ground absorbers are needed between the transmitting antenna and the equipment under test, this is why they are included in the standard version.

Technical DATA
External dimensions7,355 x 3,755 x 3,300 m (l x L x h)
Frequency band de 30MHz à 18GHz
Measurements distance3m
Coating with absorbents
Walls on the lengthFerrites type F006 + 7.2m2 Hybrid absorbers H450 in the center
Part wall behind object under testFerrites type F006 + 9.9 m2 H450 hybrid absorbers in the center
Partition behind antennaFerrites a type F006 (measurements at> 1GHz with horn antennas)
CeilingFerrites type F006 + 5.76m2 absorbents hybrids H450 in the center
Floor (SAC)7.2 m2 Hybrid Absorbent H450 (can be moved)
Floor (FAC)Ferrites type F006 + 7.2 m2 Hybrid Absorbers H450 in the center
Emission measurements Pre-compliance measures
Immunity tests Compliance according to IEC / EN 61000-4-3 over a distance of 3.0m
Dimension of the vertical plane of field uniformity 1.5m x 1.5m
Maximum deviation -0dB / + 6dB on 75% of the 16 points measured


  • 1 x access door, 0,938 x 1,968m
  • 1 x honeycomb for ventilation
  • 1 power supply filter 250VAC, 2x32A
  • 2 penetration panels
  • Cable crossings: 6x N, 6x BNC and 2x for optical fiber Electrical equipment
  • Lighting computer floor
  • Absorbent coating


  • Filtre d‘alimentation triphasé
  • Filtre de signal et/ou de ligne de données Ventilateur
  • Support antenne
  • Système vidéo et/ou audio
  • Table tournante
  • Absorbants hybrides non-combustibles Contrôle des performances Instrumentation de mesure
  • Autres