The ACTC has been specially developed for automotive component radiation tests according to DIN / ISO 11452-2 and EN 55025 (CISPR 25). It has been adapted in detail for this purpose. It is covered with ferrites and hybrid absorbers on about half of the chamber. In its standard version, the floor consists of a raised floor. This room is also available with a ground plane or floor absorbers (option). The standard version of an ACTC is designed for measurements on a frequency band of 30MHz to 18GHz. A contact strip (plug-in) is available in the standard version as well as the test table, this strip is installed between the absorbers to ensure the electrical contact of the ground plane of the test table to the shielded panels.

Technical DATA
External dimensions6,380 x 5,480 x 3,750 m (l x L x h)
Frequency rangeFrom 30MHz à 18GHz
Measurements distance 1.0 m
Coating with absorbents
Partitions and ceilingsFerrites type F006 + Hybrid absorbents H450 on about half of the chamber
Emission measurements Test according to EN 55025 / CISPR25 (Absorber chamber requirements, absorption performance min> 6dB)
Immunity testsTest according to DIN/ISO 11452-2 (decrease of reflections in the test area min. -10dB)

Standard Equipment

  • 1 x access door, 1,088 x 1,968m
  • 4 x honeycombs for ventilation
  • 1 power supply filter 250VAC, 2x32A
  • 2 penetration panels
  • Cable crossings: 6x N, 6x BNC and 4x for optical fiber Electrical equipment including lighting
  • Contact strips and test table
  • Absorbent coating


  • Three-phases power filter
  • Signal filter and / or data line Fan
  • Antenna support
  • Video and/or audio system
  • Ground plane
  • Non-combustible Hybrid Absorber,
  • Floor Absorber
  • Performance control
  • Other