CAGES OF FARADAY: Defense Application

Faraday cages help protect living beings and electrical equipment from the surrounding electromagnetic disturbances. These same cages also make it possible to protect the confidentiality of the sensitive data processed inside. EuroMC’s Faraday cages are perfectly adapted to the civil field (laboratories, EMC tests, high voltage tests, metrology rooms, personal protection, etc) and they are also suitable for military applications.
EuroMC is the exclusive distributor of FRANKONIA in France and the Maghreb. FRANKONIA is a leading company in the CEM field.

The different military applications are:

  • EMP and EMF protection
  • Anti compromise (TEMPEST)
  • Security of communications
  • Data centers
  • Command centers
  • Military defense sites
  • Embassies and Consulates


The performance of EuroMC cages exceeds most of the current standards from 10 kHz to 40 GHz minimum.

  • Mitigation standards: EN50147-1 / IEEE-299- 1997 / MILSTD-285 / GAMT20
  • TEMPEST Standards: AMSG Standards / Computer Safety Guide and Guidelines No. 480, 485
    and 495 SGDN / DISSI / SCSSI


To optimize the technical and financial aspects, EuroMC offers several solutions of Faraday cages according to the required performances and the constraints of implementation and environment. In ascending order of radio attenuation, EuroMC proposes:

  • shielding with conductive Nickel / Copper non-woven fabric (shield installed by wallpaper-like technique)
  • thin copper shield mounted on frame or wooden support (bolted installation)
  • shielding with continuously bonded and welded copper foils
  • shielding in modular panels assembled by screwing
  • preformed steel shield and on site welding


More recently, EuroMC has developed a radio shielding technique for large premises, the ‘intelligent concrete’ referenced as ‘GREYSHIELD’ ®. This technique uses fiber-reinforced concrete; it is thus possible to make a complete building with significant radio attenuation at a very interesting cost. This process is suitable for command centers and data storage centers.