EMC Truncated Pyramidal Absorber

IMOCELL HPT serie is an ultra broadband absorber, which has been specially designed to meet and exceed IEC 61000-4-3, MIL STD 462D, SAE performance requirements.

This solid truncated pyramidal absorber may also be used for microwave measurements, while high level of absorption are not
required in the 20 → 40 GHz range.

For antenna characterization chambers, IMOCELL HPT are definitively the best solution in view of the highest performances in microwave range.



  • Electromagnetic Compatibility measurements
  • Microwave measurements
  • Automotive
  • Military


  • IMOPRENE 107 Glue
  • IMOFIX Velcro system


MaterialCarbon loaded polyurethane foam
Standard Colour Blue
Service temperature120°C
Power handling0,2W/cm²
Fire retardant standardsNRL 8093, Tests 1,2 & 3
Physical specificationsSpecified in Table 1
Base dimensions610 x 610 mm
Reflectivity Specified in Table 2

Physical Specifications of HPT Serie Absorber

HPT GradeTotal ThicknessBase HeightPyramid HeightPyramids per BlockNominal Weight
HPT 32320 mm 74 mm 246 mm 163.6 Kg
HPT 50510 mm 100 mm 410 mm 94.7 Kg
HPT 70700 mm 150 mm 550 mm 46.7 Kg

Absorption in dB of HPT Serie Absorbers at normal incidence

 Frequency (MHz)
HPT Grade801003005001000500010000
HPT 32 --4-21-30-34-35<-40
HPT 50 -7-10-26-32-35-38<-40
HPT 70-13-17-29-37-40<-40<-40


PaintAll absorbers are painted blue unless otherwise specified.
On special order, other colours are available.
EnvironmentThe material is designed for indoor use only. For outdoor
use, a similar material, IMOCELL HPO is available.