Microwave Pyramidal Absorber

IMOCELL HPP is an ultra broadband absorber, which has been specially designed for microwave applications.
The IMOCELL HPP absorbing materials are based upon a conventional pyramid having a square base with a uniform base thickness, tapered to a point.
Impregnation procedure has been established to ensure that complete impregnation with both the dielectric lossy material and the fire retardant chemicals are achieved.



  • Radar Cross Section measurement (R.C.S)
  • Antenna pattern measurement
  • Telecom/wireless
  • Satellite
  • Automotive
  • Military


  • IMOPRENE 107 Glue
  • IMOFIX Velcro system


MaterialCarbon loaded polyurethane foam
Standard Colour Blue
Service temperature120°C
Power handling0,2W/cm²
Fire retardant standardsNRL 8093, Tests 1,2 & 3
Physical specificationsSpecified in Table 1
Base dimensions610 x 610 mm
Reflectivity Specified in Table 2

Physical Specifications of HPP Serie Absorber

IMOCELL HPP SerieTotal HeightBase HeightPyramid HeightPyramids per BlockNominal Weight
HPP 890 mm13 mm77 mm 2560.86 Kg
HPP 10115 mm 25 mm 90 mm2560.9 Kg
HPP 20 200 mm40 mm 160 mm911.6 Kg
HPP 30300 mm 50 mm 250 mm 362.3 Kg
HPP 40455 mm75 mm380 mm163.4 Kg
HPP 60660 mm100 mm560 mm94.8 Kg
HPP 90905 mm150 mm764mm46.5 Kg
HPP 1151150 mm 200 mm 950 mm4 8.3 Kg

Typical reflectivity (dB) at normal incidence

TypeFrequency in GHz
HPP 8273339455050
HPP 10303642505050
HPP 2030384550505050
HPP 30 2535404550505050
HPP 403038424750505050
HPP 60 711253540455050505050
HPP 90915303742505050505050
HPP 1151218354045505050505050


PaintAll absorbers are painted blue unless otherwise specified.
On special order, other colours are available.
EnvironmentThe material is designed for indoor use only. For outdoor
use, a similar material, IMOCELL HPO is available.