EMC Hybrid Pyramidal Absorber

IMOCELL HPF serie is a foam pyramidal truncated, carbon loaded absorber, designed to work with a thin ferrite under the base.

This pyramidal part of the so-called hybrid absorber is designed to optimise the poor reflectivity in the GHz range of ferrite. Owing to a special chemical formulation, this pyramidally shaped resistive top part, achieves very high levels of absorption in the upper frequency range without destroying the ferrite reflectivity in lowest frequency range.

Thanks to a special chemical formulation, this pyramidally shaped resistive top part, anyway, achieves very high level of absorption in the lowest frequency range.



EMC Test Chambers :

  • Models HPFT 32 and 45 are used in 3 meters chambers fully compliant.
  • Models HPFT 77 and 90 are used specially for 5 and 10 meters chambers fully compliant


  • IMOPRENE 107 Glue
  • IMOFIX Velcro system


MaterialCarbon loaded polyurethane foam
Standard Colour Blue
Service temperature120°C
Power handling0,2W/cm²
Fire retardant standardsNRL 8093, Tests 1,2 & 3
Physical specificationsSpecified in Table 1
Base dimensions610 x 610 mm
Reflectivity Specified in Table 2

Physical Specifications of HPF Serie Absorber

Total ThicknessBase HeightPyramid HeightPyramids per BlockNominal Weight
HPF 20200 mm 40 mm 160 mm 811.4 kg
HPF 30300 mm50 mm250 mm 362.2 kg
HPF 40455 mm 75 mm 380 mm 163.1 kg
HPF 60660 mm100 mm560 mm95.2 kg

Reflectivity (with 6.5 mm ferrite tiles) in dB at frequency (GHz)

 Frequency (GHz)
HPF Serie0.030.10.31310 and upper
HPF 20-10-13-14-9-10-15
HPF 30-12-15-16-11-12-17
HPF 40-15-18-20-14-13-18
HPF 60-18-22-23-19-20-30


PaintAll absorbers are painted blue unless otherwise specified.
On special order, other colours are available.
EnvironmentThe material is designed for indoor use only. For outdoor
use, a similar material, IMOCELL HPO is available.