Flat Laminate Absorber

IMOCELL HPS is a multi layer flat absorber composed of few layers of polyurethane foam impregnated with graduated density of carbon.

This impregnation gradient of layers produce matching impedance within air and metal barrier.


  • Compact anechoic chambers
  • Angle lining of very high performance anechoic chambers
  • RCS reduction on military targets
  • Antennae side lobes reduction


  • IMOPRENE 107 Glue
  • IMOFIX Velcro system


MaterialCarbon loaded polyurethane foam
Standard ColourBlue
Service temperature120°C
Power handling0,2W/cm²
Fire retardant standardsNRL 8093, Tests 1,2 & 3 (USA) NF P92-501
Physical specificationsSpecified in Table 1
Base dimensions 610 x 610 mm

Physical Specifications of HPS Serie Absorber

IMOCELL HPS SerieTotal ThicknessDimensionsNominal Weight
HPS 80 80 mm 610 x 610 mm1.300 Kg
HPS 100 100 mm610 x 610 mm2.000 Kg
HPS 125125 mm610 x 610 mm2.350 Kg
HPS 250250 mm610 x 610 mm4.700 Kg
Imocell HPS SerieMinimum use Frequency
HPS 801 GHz
HPS 1000.8 GHz
HPS 1250.5 GHz
HPS 2500.2 GHz


PaintAll absorbers are painted blue unless otherwise specified.
On special order, other colours are available.
EnvironmentThe material is designed for indoor use only. For outdoor
use, a similar material, IMOCELL HPO is available.